Set of 2 RideHide Sweat Guards


If you’re dripping in sweat from your spin workout, you’re doing it right, although all that moisture can damage your Peloton. Protect your investment with a RideHide, the world’s first sweat protection towel.

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RideHide in the wash? No problem, our Set of 2 RideHide sweat guards ensures your bike is always protected. Set includes one light grey sweat guard and one dark grey sweat guard*.

The RideHide is the perfect Peloton accessory. It's the world's first patent pending sweat guard for the popular indoor spin bike. The RideHide acts as a sweat towel to protect Peloton bikes from sweat corrosion with a lightweight, ultra-absorbent and tear resistant fabric. Available in two colours, a light grey and a dark grey.

Over time a build-up of sweat can cause corrosion and damage your bike, so protect your investment with a RideHide.

To secure the RideHide to your bike simply slip the towel over the tension gauge and tie tightly around the frame. Removes just as easily and is machine washable to simplify your after workout clean up.

"Everything in to the ride, nothing on the bike!"

*Colours may vary depending on stock availability.

Features include:

  • fade resistant
  • constructed from sustainable materials
  • ultra absorbent, durable¬†fabric
  • ties on in seconds, easy to remove
  • machine washable
  • patented technology

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Watch our video to demonstrate how to install the RideHide properly to ensure the best ride.

Installation Video

Installation Video

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