About Us

The RideHide was invented in California by an orthopaedic surgeon who was enjoying the benefits of regular workouts on his exercise bike. Scott and his wife Pam soon realised the bike was suffering from the effects of corrosive sweat dripping onto its valuable components. Their passion for indoor cycling drove them to find a solution. Hence the world’s first patent pending sweat guard for the popular indoor spin bike, the Peloton, was born. Working closely with Scott and Pam, co-owners of RideHide UK, Jonathan and Glen are keen to share the benefits of the RideHide with the UK market. Both are based in the Pennine hills and are passionate about fitness, self-improvement and are keen exercise bike users. 


There aren’t many workouts that bring the sweat like a spin workout. Over time, a build-up of sweat can cause corrosion and damage your Peloton, so protect your investment with a RideHide. The RideHide acts as a sweat towel to protect Peloton bikes from sweat corrosion with a lightweight, ultra-absorbent and tear resistant fabric. The RideHide is installed simply by tying to your bike frame and removes just as easily. The RideHide is machine washable too making clean-up after a workout quick and easy.  


“Everything in to the ride, nothing on the bike!”